Wallace Memorial Ipe Woods Scholarship ForUS Students

Harwood lumber being transported

While all our trees are dying and the forests are being destroyed, the Ipe Woods USA Charity is continuing to preserve what’s left of our forests by providing a scholarship program for local students. The beautiful trees that are at risk of being eliminated are amazing.

There are approximately over 6 million acres of Ipe Forest in Costa Rica, and yet a very small amount of these acres are suitable for growing trees. So, these amazing trees that we admire from our homes were not planted to make a profit, but to protect our homes and our way of life.

Many of these beautiful trees will become extinct before the day of our departure for our travels in the future. Ipe wood interior flooring They will be a testimony to the hard work and dedication of Costa Ricans and Americans.

They call the Wallace Memorial Ipe Woods USA Scholarship program for the young man who was a student at the Wallace State College when he was killed in an automobile accident in 1996. He was only 21 years old. His memory will live on forever through his scholarship.

The other scholarship recipient is also a young man. He was killed in a car accident just a year ago, this time in his early twenties.

At just twenty-one years old, this young man was a student at the Cote D’lvoire University. One day in April this year, he was killed by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, the young man was too young to receive any kind of scholarship to any university, so we are leaving his story out of this story.

The campus of Cote D’lvoire is located on the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful tropical place, and a natural area that are ideal for continuing the Wallace Memorial Ipe Woods USA Scholarship.

After many students have graduated from Cote D’lvoire, they will travel to Costa Rica to continue their studies at the Wallace State College or any other local university. The Scholarship will provide them with a decent income for life after they graduate.

You might ask yourself, why is this Wallace Memorial Scholarship named after a man from the Old North Paisley? It’s quite simple – Paisley is pronounced PAY-ay-lee.

So, the Wallace Memorial Ipe Woods USA Scholarship is named after a Paisley Bar, which is a popular drink in the United States. The bar is named after Ernest Wallace, who wrote about his love for the place and the forests in his book “Meddling in the Greens”.

This famous pub is not the only place in the United States named after a tree, as most of the Ipe Woods USA Scholarship programs are named after trees that are native to North America. Some trees have historical significance, and so we’ll include those in the program as well.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the Wallace Memorial Ipe Woods USA Scholarship, and that you will consider a future trip to Costa Rica to learn more about the Ipe Woods and to save some of our beautiful trees. If you would like to receive more information about Costa Rica scholarships to other countries, please visit our site below.